Size:112(L) X 122(W) X 122(H)cm

Measuring range: 3-6500g

Accuracy: +/- 0.3-3g

Max speed: 80 bags/min

Hooper volume: 1.6L

Display:7/10 inch touch screen 7/10

Optings: Pattern bulk/Hopper/Collection Hopper/Feed Divider

Praset parameter:99 kinds

Power Requirements: AC 110V/ 220V 50 /60 HZ

Net weight: 420Kg

Power: 1.5W

>Main Application:

It is suitable to use in packing High measuring accuracy and fragile loose material: such as puffy foof, potato chips,crispy rice,jelly,candy,nut,peanut,apple piece, dumpling,rice dumpling,medicine,vegetable,fruits,etc.


  • Amplitude modulation alone, more convenient to control
  • Multilingual system
  • Control weighing function, make the material into the weigher in tum, avoid blocking up at charging area.