Our Services

What We Offer

  • Co-buyers for properties for portfolio building, also looking to create multi residential properties or resell
  • Auctions of properties and in-house finance for properties as we will be co-owners of the property until our primary capital is fully paid
  • Land finance or property developments (note: we don’t give clients cash but we work together, appoint our own construction companies, our own material supplies to finishing the property or property agent partners on selling
  • Land rezoning services and Plans designs, submission for approval services
  • Transfer deed handling or changings
  • We also offers modern (private social housing services) we build, supply materials and do finishing through our team & partners, arrange payment plan
  • We offer property payment plans up to 15 years including deposit, interest rate of up to 15% based on your its record
  • We also i-mastand building programs (build backrooms at your house, land convert into rental property, apartments, flats, direct rooms from standard rooms to bachelors, one bedroom, two bedrooms and 3 bedrooms
  • We also do rent to buy properties on selected locations (client is responsible to identity its own property of their interest, location and apply to us then we take it from there.

Are you in market to buy property?

Yes, Sakhile can help you find your beautiful home

Are you looking to build rental rooms, flats/apartments and students accommodation?

We Offers

  • House/designs/consultancy
  • Building materials supply
  • Construction up to finishing services
  • Yes, You only pay required deposit and arrange to pay difference in period of up to 15 years
  • Yes, choose land, township property at good market value, rental potential market and we partner with you convert into multi residential

You warn build your property portfolio?

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We can partner with property owners, convert their existing properties into multi residential properties based on amenities closed to the property/land such as universities, colleges, mines, hospitals etc…

Requirements required

  • Id copy of property owners
  • 3 months bank statement (personal) & business 6 months
  • Business financial statement (if applicable)
  • Current house/property plan/sizes ,including pictures & videos
  • Give us specifications of what you looking to add (how many rooms including features eg.bathroom, toilet or showers etc. or one bedrooms etc.
  • Also give us detailed information regarding property closer amnesties (e.g. college, firms or mines, schools etc.? And potential rental income per units

In case you looking to buy or build residential home

  • 3 months bank statement
  • Id copy
  • Pay slip
  • Proof of address
  • House plan/sketch/specs of what you looking at


Plan to be paid separate

Call out fee to be charged based on distance

Side inspection fee (based on location/distance)

We work countrywide (our main areas target semi-rural areas or developing areas, industrial areas, mines etc.)

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Ready to Work Together? Build a project with us!

We also do the following

  • Commercial developments
  • Medical centers /private hospitals on limited budget
  • Schools
  • Restaurants
  • Guest Houses & Hotels
  • Churches etc.…